Weekly routine

If you care about your personal growth, there’s 1 habit that I think is fundamental to start with. And that’s to schedule an hour or two a week for reflection.

I have been doing my Weekly Routine pretty much every Saturday/Sunday for the past 4 years, and it has been the foundation for many other habits that I’m proud I’ve built during this time (quit smoking, morning workout, meditation, reading, positive thinking, turning vegetarian, and more).

During this reflection time I simply go over a framework (document) which has a bunch of questions, steps, and some reminders.

Some of the Steps, for example:

  • Check bank accounts, monitor expenses and see if there’s anything unusual
  • Check and analyse the bookmarks/notes that I’ve saved during the week

Some of the Questions:

  • What have I learned in the past week?
  • What can I do this week in order to expand my network?
  • What things need my immediate attention for this week?
  • What’s the next habit that I want to build?
  • What tasks/responsibilities can I afford to eliminate from my schedule?

Besides the obvious benefit, having a Weekly Routine has freed up my mind tremendously during the week days. Why? Because I knew that the weekly routine is coming, so I didn’t have to worry about these little things during the week.

I didn’t have to remember, for example, that I have saved a bookmark to look at Later.

Tip: as with every other habit, make sure to start with a very small and simple framework, and slowly build it up every week.

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