About prioritisation

At Etools, we always thought focus is our thing, and thus we don’t have to worry much about prioritisation, as, after all, we all know what’s important, right?

However, we decided to experiment with reorganising all our tasks (on Basecamp) under 3 lists:

Urgent: We put here anything that’s disrupting the service and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Important: Changes that bring the highest value in the least time. Even under the list, we ranked the tasks by value/time-to-complete.

Good to have: Well, you know.

After a few days of trying this, we noticed something phenomenal:

We don’t really have any time for the good-to-have.

And now, 3 weeks later, almost all of our time was spent only on the ‘Important’ tasks. Even tasks at the bottom of the list rarely got done.

Time is limited, and to prioritise means to acknowledge that.

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