Plural ignorance

I’m currently in Haifa, Israel (until June).

Here, you can see an interesting phenomena, specially on the weekends:

Young adults swarm to the city from their villages, looking to mate. Legit. We all do.

However, what I find to be very interesting, is that there’s something that literally everyone at the city knows, but most of these villagers are simply not aware of.

They usually come in shiny cars with a lot of ad-ons and stickers, assuming that it’ll attract females.

I find this extremely interesting. See, this simply is a bad strategy, yet they still do it (for years now). It’s what they’ve been told, and they believe it.

To us, this seems obvious, but we’re all guilty of similar behaviour. There’s a simple yet a power question that needs to be asked in order for us, or these dudes, to avoid falling in this trap:

Is this thing really actually working? Or am I just doing it because everyone else does?

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