Outcome bias

One will often judge a past decision by its ultimate outcome instead of based on the quality of the decision at the time it was made, given what was known at that time. This is an error because no decision maker ever knows whether or not a calculated risk will turn out for the best. The actual outcome of the decision will often be determined by chance, with some risks working out and others not. Individuals whose judgments are influenced by outcome bias are seemingly holding decision makers responsible for events beyond their control.” – Wikipedia

Every decision has its risks and consequences. I believe the right thing to do is focusing merely on the decision-making process, dismissing all anxiety about the outcome.

By keeping a mindset that you can’t be 100% right, and that you can only be more-likely-right, you’ll become less affected by decisions that turn out to be wrong.

It’s better to blame someone for being overhasty than for being wrong.

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