It’s one of those things that have been so overused that I quite dismissed it (how hipster-ish).

However, it’s immensely powerful and I believe it can really make it or break it for the work you’re trying to do.

For example, last week I’ve been trying the 7-day challenge by Tony Robbins. The challenge, simply put: for 7 full days, try to keep your thinking almost completely positive. Look at the bright side of things, maintain a strong belief that things are gonna work out, and when it comes to other people, seek understanding rather than judging.

So far, the challenge is going great. It’s obvious to me now how powerful and useful this is.

As Hiten Shah said in a podcast I’ve listened to recently, “I don’t think I know any successful entrepreneur who’s constantly negative” (he might have used different words).

I’d very highly recommend anyone who’s looking to make an impact to invest in their mindset. It can always be shifted or just fine-tuned, and once it is, you’ll feel (and actually become) unstoppable.

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