About me (Shadi Halloun)

I’ve been in the online business since 2007, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I believe it’s because I’m very curious about discovering how things works and connect together, I find that pretty (fucking) fascinating.

Here’s what I’ve done since then:

  • 2007: Got introduced to online marketing. Made and monetised first website with Geocities (RIP).
  • 2012: Grew the first (proper) website, WeirdPoll.com, to around 15M pageviews per month.
  • 2013: Sold WeirdPoll and joined WafraMedia (Ad network).
  • 2015 (early): Got promoted to run the company (COO/CEO). It grew from 2 to 25 employees and established a strong reputation in the field.
  • 2015 (late): Left WafraMedia and started Etools.io (SaaS).


Other random facts about me:

  • Our company, Etools, is a distributed, office-free, company in 6 countries.
  • I love art & music, I play some guitar/ukulele/melodica in my free time.
  • Currently living in Barcelona.
  • I think consumerism is stupid.


Email: shadihalloun1@gmail.com

Phone #: +34 611233569