Learning from negativity

As you know, negative thinking gets us nowhere. Energies shouldn’t be wasted on things like jealousy, hatred, anger, or frustration.

Knowing that, I simply moved my thinking away from any negative thought that came into my mind.

Recently, however, I’m taking a different approach, which I found to be more useful for my personal growth.

I’m observing negative thoughts, and learning from them.

For example, a while ago I caught myself having feelings of jealousy towards some people. Instead of suppressing the feeling, I dug deeper to see where it’s coming from. I had a eureka moment:

  • I no longer have these feelings. It decomposed.
  • I learned about new things that were important to me.

Give it a try. Make a list of people you feel jealous of (creepy, I know), and try to think of the reasons for each, you’ll probably learn more than you learn in a semester :).

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