Following a recent workshop which I’m doing with Hiten Shah, I started looking at bottlenecks in our product and business as knots.

When you have back pain, the masseur would basically:

  1. Start massaging different parts of back, searching for the knot that’s causing the most pain.
  2. Spend time on fixing this spot until the pain is gone.

For your SaaS, first of all you have to lay out the fundamental funnel data that you have, and try to see what’s the biggest knot you have at this time.

Secondly, using different methods, you can dig further and solve this knot – which would improve the whole funnel and business.

Some tools that I’ve found to be useful for finding the required insights to solve the knots:

  • Ask questions. Ask yourself “What questions can I ask that’d help me solving this knot?”. Generate as much questions as you can.
  • Lay out the basic components and think deeply. It’s something I learned from a brilliant book called 5 Elements of Effective Thinking.
    Spend 20 minutes to come up with 5 basic components that are involved in this knot, then spend 20 minutes researching, or thinking deeply about, each of these components.

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