Is your best tool even sharp?

If we think about the root of what’s needed in order to do great work, we’ll see that it all comes from creativity.

By creativity, I mean coming up with the best solutions for the different problems/decisions you face on the day to day.

  • Should you accept the new candidate?
  • Is it time to change the marketing strategy?
  • What’s the weakest pillar in the business at this time?

Would you reckon that in order to come up with the best answers, you have to have your brain as sharp as possible? As calm, free, empty, available, and positive, as possible?

Still, we often ignore this by doing harmful things:

  • Having an unhealthy lifestyle (after all, you don’t have time for that, right?).
  • Not dedicating time for calming techniques such as meditation, long showers, or hikes (no time!).
  • Spending time on repetitive tasks that can be outsourced (we feel better when we’re directly busy).

Here are some of the things I chose to do, in order to keep my mind as sharp, calm, empty, and available as possible:

  • Freeing up as much of my time as possible, for thinking. Outsourcing everything I could outsource.
  • Spending time on meditation or exercise first thing in the morning. No matter how busy I am.
  • Spending time on having a healthy life-style (and thus brain).
  • Making sure my brain is getting weekly (shorter) and monthly (longer) rest.

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