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Learning from negativity

As you know, negative thinking gets us nowhere. Energies shouldn’t be wasted on things like jealousy, hatred, anger, or frustration. Knowing that, I simply moved my thinking away from any …

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Outcome bias

“One will often judge a past decision by its ultimate outcome instead of based on the quality of the decision at the time it was made, given what was known …

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About prioritisation

At Etools, we always thought focus is our thing, and thus we don’t have to worry much about prioritisation, as, after all, we all know what’s important, right? However, we …

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Lascaux painting, 17,000 years old (more)

Important SaaS terms (simplified)

Hello! For me, it’d have helped me a lot if there was a post to cover all the fancy terms of SaaS, in a simple, basic way. I think this …

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Short-long term balance

This is tricky. Most people either think too short term, or too long term. However, as with everything, the better¬†option is usually in the balance. It all depends on the …

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