Why positivity works

Basically, my definition of positive thinking is that whenever you face a difficulty or an obstacle, the first question that comes to your mind would be: What can I do …

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Plural ignorance

I’m currently in Haifa, Israel (until June). Here, you can see an interesting phenomena, specially on the weekends: Young adults swarm to the city from their villages, looking to mate. Legit. …

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Weekly routine

If you care about your personal growth, there’s 1 habit that I think is fundamental to start with. And that’s to schedule an hour or two a week for reflection. I …

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It’s one of those things that have been so overused that I quite dismissed it (how hipster-ish). However, it’s immensely powerful and I believe it can really make it or …

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No matter how much of an effort you spend on getting a good shot with an old phone, the picture won’t look nearly as good as if it was taken with a …

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