Are you killing the messenger?

You may already know the stories about how the Persians used to kill the messenger who brought them bad news. What happened in those cases? Did the bad things suddenly ceased …

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Is your best tool even sharp?

If we think about the root of what’s needed in order to do great work, we’ll see that it all comes from creativity. By creativity, I mean coming up with …

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Temporarily unproductive

Last week has been one of my least productive weeks in months. I have been trying to analyse this earlier today, and I believe it happened because I forgot an important …

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Time off

I feel that the importance of rest is extremely underrated. We’re programmed to think that the harder you work, the better your chances. I myself have been, and kinda still, a victim …

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Learning from negativity

As you know, negative thinking gets us nowhere. Energies shouldn’t be wasted on things like jealousy, hatred, anger, or frustration. Knowing that, I simply moved my thinking away from any …

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